A group of employees shedded their inhibitions and preconceived notions as they adapted to change in the Ultimate Masterchef Challenge.

Client Objective: To help teams better cope with change and become better equipped with challenges that arise when change occurs.

Our Strategy: To offer an experiential learning program where learning is fun and hands-on. Employees face situations where changes take place impulsively and are trained to better handle the change by communicating, strategizing and adapting to the situations through a simulated experience.

Programs: Teams are given the task to prepare a 4-course meal when surprise changes catch them off guard.

  • Members of the team playing critical roles changed
  • New ingredients added
  • Time reduced
  • Tables changed

With limited time and changing tasks in hand, effective teamwork was imperative. At the end of each meal, a debrief ensured learning points were discussed and noted to be better prepared for the next course.

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