Client Objective: The team members of 2 departments decided to go for an offsite to share a close bond both personally and professionally.

Our Strategy: To introduce a fun theme that interests both teams, where communication and team programs are conducted in keeping with the theme. This theme was BIGG BOSS. The communication mailers invited team members to visit Bigg Boss’s house (venue of the offsite) where the programs were planned as “tasks” for the participants. Prior to each task, an invite was sent to the team leader with the location and objective of the task. The highlight of the evening was the confession room setup for the Awards ceremony.

1.Barbecue & Bartending: Learn to marinate, barbecue and bartend live using the limited ingredients at hand. The Hotel’s Head Chef and Bartender judge the team’s performance.

2.Crime Scene Investigation: Solve a crime that has been committed at Bigg Boss’s house. Using suspect profiles, bank records and telephone records available, make your case to crack the perfect murder mystery challenge.

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