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Objective: Celebrate Diwali with an on-the-floor activity across 16 locations and an online game that connects pan-India employees together Proposal & strategy: A Diwali-themed Amazing race conducted across all bays/wings on each floor and an online game themed to Ayodhya (history of Diwali) What we did & the outcome: The Amazing Race conducted pan-India was […]


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Objective: To celebrate the 11-year-anniversary in a unique way and engage employees with their families across 10 locations. Proposal & strategy: We planned games and engagements themed to ‘11’ to reinforce the journey across offices in Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru on the same day. It was also important to educate the families […]

Liberty General Insurance Ltd.

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Objective: To celebrate CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK by building awareness and driving customer-centricity values (simple, expertise, convenience, empathy, respect, proactive)   Proposal & strategy: To engage the employees on the final day of customer service week through a Carnival-style event with fun activities that drive the message without being preachy.   What we did & the […]

Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.

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Objective: ABFL was facing a plateaued response to its e-learning courses from the employees and needed to do something drastic to spike the interest levels. The target was to get every employee to participate in a minimum of 3 e-learning courses per month. Proposal and Strategy: To our delight, the senior management was very enthusiastic […]

Make My Trip (MMT)

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Objective- Make my Trip, following the merger with Goibibo, needed to launch the GO-MMT set of values. The requirement here was to create awareness and visibility amongst the employees with respect to these values. Also, to inspire them enough to adhere and apply these values in their day-to-day work-life. Proposal and Strategy- ExtraMile always believes […]

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