Our Story

Employee engagement is not about reaching a monthly target, it is about the journey. And the happy faces on the way!

We believe that every organization can be a great workplace for its employees. What it needs is just an extra nudge, a bit of extra effort and an ExtraMile! Let us accessorize your employees with that extra ounce of joy and excitement and create a workplace they can’t get enough of.

It is not an uncommon sight at an ExtraMile event to see an elderly team member jumping and screaming with joy over a game won. Or even a set of teams giggling like teenagers and high-fiving through those small victories. That is what we are- we are your glee-inducing, team-nurturing allies with an aim to bring about an organizational culture shift. We’re the Laurels to your Hardys! The Veerus to your Jais!

Your employee is your client, your internal customer. The more you nurture them, the more loyal they are! Our job is to create a work environment that is cherished and to help employees break the bubbles around them. Tough nut, if you ask us. Getting the naysayer and extra-spirited to agree on a project deadline? This is the gap we plug in. We help you create a team that despite their differences puts the company’s goals foremost. A team that, in every sense of the word, is a squad.

Our Journey

Our Team

Pooja Bajaj
Chief Engagement Officer (CEO)

At the heart of everything at EM, is our founder. Passionate about building happy teams at work, this marketer turned entrepreneur is a fitness enthusiast and loves pets.

Vikrant Hinge
Chief Outdoor Officer(COO)

This bundle of infectious energy is the brain behind our outdoor activities. And yes, did we tell you, he can have you in splits with his sense of humour?

Kiran Raut
Senior Creative Keeda

Don’t let her soft-spoken demeanour deceive you. Her creativity can spice up even the most mundane briefs. A music and photography lover.

Sunny Kamble
Chief Creative Executive

Trust Sunny to give a creative shape to any idea. This PUB –G lover will leave no stone unturned to add value to a client brief.

Mihir Puranik
Content King

Our very own in-house “Ogilvy”, Mihir enjoys weaving client briefs in words. He is a die-hard travel blogger and also enjoys photography.

Rakesh Bhuravane
Creative Wizard (Rocky)

Over cups of tea and light-hearted mischief, he can come up with the most amazing ideas. Our in-house king of GIFs, Rakesh loves music and capturing moments through his lens.

Mamta Gupta
Engaging Web Developer

Our first-ever in-house web developer, don’t be fooled with her soft and shy first impression. Mamta’s an all-round tech guru for us and innovates each day to grow our digital engagement wing!

Srishti Chhabria
Business Development Specialist & Client Relations

A multi-tasker, with an eye for detail, Srishti is a Netflix-addict and fashion enthusiast constantly brimming with ideas to expand the workplace!

Valmik Mahajan
Visual Miki

Visual before word. That’s how Valmik thinks. A voracious reader, photographer and our in-house Picasso. Well, an avid movie and drama buff too.

Rahul Iyer
Wizard of Operations

Rahul is an all-in-one army. An avid biker, foodie and did we mention a Netflix addict too?

Mihir Kulkarni
Master of Operations

Once we have an idea approved, Mihir ensures that there is no turning back. From the beaches to the mountains, a true Wanderlust at heart

Mrinal Masand
Marketing & Communication

Showcasing EM to the world with her sharp PR skills, Mrinal also enjoys painting, swimming. A die-hard fan of all things trending and creative.

Sameer Jawaharani
Accounting Genius

All things finance and the one keeping a track of all the fun and merriment we indulge in – our go-to person is definitely Sameer!

Vinayak Ghosalkar
Office Master

The “Calendar” of our internal “Mr. India” madness, Vinayak is our Man-Friday.

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